30 | 07 | 2021
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Edim Industrial Electronics Co. has been founded in 1990 in Istanbul.

Our company's foundation purpose is to resolve electronic and electrical issues in industrial electronics field, to build specific electronic systems in order to resolve industrial electronics issues, to make machinery simulations in laboratory environments, to make R&D in needed specific topics and to build prototypes.

While creating solutions in industrial electronics field, another main branch, namely the repair and maintenace services has been developped during years. In this context, we had a deep experience on NC and CNC machineries.

During the last fifteen years, industries got more conscious about the benefits of maintenance & consultancy services. To meet this demand, our company added techincal consultancy services in it primary service branches.

By the beginning of 1997, our company began giving services on repair and maintenace of textile machineries and serious experience has been gathered since then. To be more specific, we can mention servo pack repairs, control cards, gathering and evaluating machinery information and so on...

Besides all mentioned latter, repair and design of motor control systems, repair and design of synchronous motor controlled power supplies, repair of servo motor systems and control systems,  repair of any kind of electronically controlled compressor's electronic systems are all included in the working field of our company.

In the basis of consultancy, we build passive power network filters and specific harmonic correction units are also designed in order to avoid power network related issues in factories.

Since 2002 we have been giving consultancy services on steel construction industries. During our experiences on this field, we worked on CNC machines like cold cutting machines, flame cutting machines, punching machines. We made any kind of reparation mainly on ESAB and LINCOLN welding machines. We also have been giving consultancy on spare part stockings, and on preventive maintenance planning.

Beginning from 2007 our company began sales and after sales support of portable steel cutting machinery (flame & plasma cutting).

Our company has also repair, desingn and maintenance experiences on the electronic systems frequent to repair shipyards such as:  Design of overload protection systems for cranes, repair of heavy lifting cranes electronics, floating dock sinking control  & surveillance systems and CNC machineries central communication systems.

 We currently are working on welding oscillator design and series production planning of automatic argon welding machineries.