19 | 06 | 2021
Our Services
  • Repair & Maintenance

 Giving repair & maintenance services is to race against time... The clock of the engineer giving such services begins ticking at he moment when a breakdown occurs on the production band. A short timed and fast paced repair always requires top level experience and knowledge. Edim Industrial Electronics Co. is one of the few firms profoundly competent from any prespective on its field.

 Giving repair & maintenance services requires philosophical and multidisciplinary perspective. If we have to mark the main lines: 

  • Resolving the system from all points of view.
  • Having concise knowledge not only on electronics, but also on physics, mechanics and their sub branches such as pneumatics and hydraulics.
  • Being in close work relationship with the factory's repair & maintenance team, machine operators and technicians.
  • Finding radical solutions instead of superficial and palliative ones..
 Edim Industrial Electronics Co. have been firmly attached to those mentioned principles since its foundation.
  • Technical Consultancy

  One of the services that its importance have been underestimated in Turkey's Industries is the Technical Consultancy Services. The consultancy services contain many different components  from machinery buying to education of the relative personnel and to book keeping the histories of the machines of the factory.  The main purpose of the consultancy services is to avoid brakdowns of the production band by preventing predictable issues. To meet this purpose,  the breakdown history of the machineries are bookkept and  systems checks are made in a regular basis. Nevertheless, some general case prevention measures should be taken  (power network analysis, putting harmonic correction filters online, spotting and isolation of  machinery power feeds  which are many times a noise source) and in case of need, educative seminars should given to the relative personnel. All these work are done for the sake of having the production band uninterrupted.
  All the work done with the thechnical personnel of the factory to reach a team formation, to developi information sharing abilities and to be able to give the  most correct and fast reaction in case of emergency is also included in the field of consultancy services.