29 | 07 | 2021
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The primary objective of "Repair & Maintenance Consultancy" is to minimize possible failures during manufacturing process. The consultant, has to have a close realtionship with the machine operators in order to reach the latter objective. In this context, while he would get up-to-date information about newest issues of the machine, he also would learn about its maintenance history. This information gathering process is a must to be able to predict and possibly avoid future issues. By Using such information, the consultant -in the worst case- can be able to make emergency plans & stock system components all for the sake of minimizing down time of the production band.

Another important point about consultancy services is seen while buying new machinery:

Having spare parts in stock and also having necessary documentation is indispensably important during emergency cases. Unfortunately, many buyers without the adequate knowledge, miss those mentioned points or doesn't do enough market research about the new machinery. Even if they doesn't miss those points, many times, they do not have enough professional experience on the spare parts market and also inner workings of the machinery to be bought. Such issues many times end up with an irreparable machinery, or at best, with a charged bill. A technical consultant is very necessary at this point especially with its knowledge and experience on diverse kind of machineries.

To build such a consultancy department inside the factory is a costly trial. Nevertheless, It would eventually narrow down the experience of the consultant too in the following years. That's why such responsibility is very suitable for small profile free-lancer companies.


  • Some examples of sectors and machineries that we give consultancy services on:


Iron & Steel Industries:
 Brand: Machine:
CNC Plate Welding Drilling/Punching Machine
FICEPCNC Drilling Line
CNC Beam Copying Line
MESSERCNC Flame Cutting Machine
EHTHydraulic Guillotine Shear
OMSGHorizontal Blasting Machine
COMAGHydraulic Edge Bending Press
DEFUMHorizontal Miling Machine
SCI-3000 Beam Welding Machine
Advertising Sector:
 Brand: Machinery:
CNC Router (Pantograph)
MIMAKIPlotter (Folio Cutting Machine)
CNC Abkant Press